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Who are we?

Library café Based in Faridabad With a peaceful environment and all kinds of Competitive Books, Comics, Syllabus related Books, etc. is a place where the reading is made into leisure .We have the best Sitting arrangements for your Study and best food for your thoughts!

Our Story

Everyone takes a fancy to be happy. There is no single person in this world who will not want to be happy. But often, we do not grasp that even though we want to be happy we do not do the things that make us happy. In fact, we do just the opposite

The prepossessed learners need to pay Rs 0.00 for 1 week to avail the appurtenances of reading the books and attend the meetups. We provide all services Like Café, Parking, CCTV, Air conditioned hall, best seating arrangements, Personal locker facility and many More.

The Library café, situated at Faridabad Sector 11, has Newly opened to serve people with a space to get into resounding talks. with authors, artists, writers and many distinguished daily. scholarly people, on the other hand, get an independent space inside the café to read their favourite books .

People need human contact and a behaviourism to survive in the world. “We are humans and we need the contact of another human to let go of our conscience and share stories that can have an abstruse impact on our lives,”  this being  the motivation behind opening the café.

The Library café was started in April 2022 and welcomed people for the meetup sessions.